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Top tier for less than the cost of a guitar strap! This is complete access to my teaching platform.

  • Live Stream Q&A events, and archives of past sessions

  • Registration Priority for Live Workshops 

  • Assignments and Quizzes

  • A Vibrant Community of Curious Guitarists

In addition to all the benefits of The Library, this tier gives you access to  the Curious Guitarist Studio community. The Studio is hosted on the "Guilded" platform. Guilded is a powerful online community hub that includes text and voice chat, image and file sharing, live streaming, a calendar and much more. We are using this platform to deepen the conversation, support each other’s progress, share ideas and information, as well as gather for live events. In The Studio, you’ll be able to participate in:

  • Topical discussions: Engage in discussion across all sorts of music and guitar-related subjects in The Studio's discussion forums.

  • Live Streams: Join me for regular Q&A sessions and other live stream events.

  • Assignments: I post exclusive lessons on music theory and its application to the fretboard. Studio members will have the opportunity to post their progress and get feedback from myself and the community.

  • Pop quizzes: I post random, optional quizzes to test members on their capability to identify theoretical elements, or answer topical questions on fretboard theory. Members will have the option to post their answers in "hidden" mode.

  • Gear galleries: Post pictures of your favorite gear and discuss upcoming gear acquisitions.

  • Music share: Share and discuss new music, old favorites, or recordings of your own.

  • Priority registration for live events including online courses and in-person workshops (stay tuned!).

  • Off topic: Post and discuss non-music related topics with like-minded Curious Guitarists.

The Studio is where we put it all together!

What's included

  • Tabs, notation and deeper context for all of my public YouTube video lessons
  • Playing a part in growing the Curious Guitarist
  • Access to The Curious Guitarist Studio
The Studio is where we put it all together!